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    Little Viking cat came for cuddles.

    Little Viking cat came for cuddles.

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    Almost there! And I went full Dormer on the side. #BlondeAmbition

    Almost there! And I went full Dormer on the side. #BlondeAmbition

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    3+ hours later, we’re nearing the finish line…

    3+ hours later, we’re nearing the finish line…

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    Such beauty. Much pretty.

    Such beauty. Much pretty.

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    Blonde Ambition day! #ootd

    Blonde Ambition day! #ootd

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    possibly the best logan/ororo moment so far

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    Chris Pratt and Dylan Prunty Recite Lines from “The LEGO Movie”

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    T’Challa the Black Panther

    cosplayer Sean Shaw

    Saturday May 31, 2014 Long Beach Comic Expo

    Long Beach California

    everyone go home. it’s over. he wins everything

    Yes. Look at God…

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    I drew Spider-Man like the new Spider-Woman.

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    do not let white academia fool you into thinking that

    • the greatest authors that were and ever will be are white men
    • every great philosopher came out of europe
    • mathematics and science were at their highest point when used by white men
    • the most beautiful city in the world is paris
    • colonialism was a golden age
    • europe is the pinnacle of civilization

    Sources timmmme.

    Some Written Works (That Aren’t By White Dudes)

    • Iola Leroy (about a biracial Black woman in the antebelleum South) - Frances E.W. Harper, who was one of the first published Black authoresses
    • The Space Traders (a very relevant short about Black life/value in less-than-utopian America) - Derrick Bell, Black sci-fi author
    • Thiruppavai (Tamil Vaishnava verses by the 12 Alvars, or poet-saints) - Andal, the only woman among them. These are still recited in South India during Margazhi
    • The Other Side of Paradise (memoir of) - Staceyann Chin, whose identity as Black-Chinese and lesbian in Jamaica is definitely worth reading about
    • Brown Girl in the Ring (post-apocalyptic Toronto WHERE PoC survive, featuring voudoun!) - Nalo Hopkinson; check it all out
    • The Bluest Eye - Toni Morrison, Black American novelist, Peace Prize winner and quality human being
    • Ninth Ward (children’s novel of Katrina through a black girl’s perspective) - Jewell Parker Rhodes
    • The Island of a Thousand Mirrors (about two families caught in the Tamil-Sinhala divide, based on her experience during the civil war) - Nayomi Munaweera, Sri Lankan author. VERY AMAZE.


    • Frantz Fanon, Caribbean philosopher/revolutionary who dedicated much time to decrying colonization, fighting oppression and telling white folks OFF; works include Black Skins, White Masks, Wretched of the Earth, and National Culture and the Fight for Freedom
    • En Hedu’ana, Sumerian en-priestess whose poetry composed one of the first written belief systems; also an accomplished astronomer
    • Ban Zhou, 1st-century Chinese historian, author (Lessons for Women, co-published The Book of Han)  and court advisor who advocated for domestic equality and women’s education. Her Confucian ideals were present in most written works


    • Zitkala-Sa, Native (Sioux) author (Old Indian LegendsAmerican Indian Stories), musician and activist who co-wrote The Sun Dance in 1913, an opera which showcased her knowledge of Ute and Sioux harmonies and composition. It was the first of its kind, featuring many indigenous performers
    • Yukio Mishima, Japanese author famous for Confessions of a Mask; also genius playwright who created Five Modern Noh Plays
    • Lorraine HansberryBlack (queer) playwright whose works SHOULD be acclaimed the world over (A Raisin in the SunThe Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window)


    • Muhammad Musa al-Khwarizmi (origin of ‘algorithm’), 8th-century Persian scholar, creator of algebra and pioneer of the quadratic equation; one of the first to use zero as a placeholder, his research brought Hindu-Arabic numerals and decimals into the West
    • Banu Musa [Ahmad, Muhammad and Hasan], a trio of Persian brothers/mechanics/mathematicians who wrote The Book of Ingenious Devices in 850: an illustrated guide on more than 100 tools and their use (from early feedback controllers to valves and float chambers; steampunk gods, I say)
    • 15th century Korea - first “turtleboats”
    • Garrett Morgan, Black inventor credited for the first traffic signal and patented gas mask in the ‘20’s
    • Sarah E. Goode, inventor and the first Black woman to earn a U.S. patent, for the folding cabinet bed so prominent in the late 1800’s and early-mid 1900’s
    • Madam C.J. Walker, Black entrepreneur and inventor famously known for her scalp conditioners, hair growth and beauty products; first woman millionaire in America (YAAAS)
    • Mary Kenner, creative Black patenter whose contributions range from the toilet-tissue holder to the sanitary belt (thank youuu!!)
    • Marie Van Brittan Brown, Black inventor of the closed circuit TV security patent (basis for modern surveillance, traffic control)
    • Philip Emeagwali, Nigerian scientist/inventor that innovated a supercomputer for petroleum fields analysis
    • 7th century India - invention of chess
    • Gebisa Ejeta, Ethiopian geneticist/agriculturist who invented the first drought-tolerant sorghum hybrid in Sudan; is now on the  Board for International Food and Agricultural Development
    • Benjamin Banneker, Black astronomer and mathematician who made America’s first functioning clock, y’all
    • David Unaipon, famous Aboriginal preacher/inventor who provided basis for modern shears and the centrifugal motor
    • 12th century China - first magnetic compass
    • Ellen Ochoa, Chicana scientist who invented optical analysis systems and was the world’s first Latina astronaut
    • Prafulla Chandra Ray, Indian chemist and entrepreneur who made first chemical factory in the country FROM HIS HOUSE; founded Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works
    • Sandrine Mubenga, Congolese engineer working on solar-powered villages and fuel-cell hybrid car (women in STEM!)
    • Shirley Jackson, kick-ass Black physicist, inventor and president at Rensselaer Polytechnic. She can be credited for the touch-tone telephone, the portable fax, and caller ID
    • Tony Hansberry, the youngest on this list; his innovation on endo switches drastically cut the performance time for hysterectomies (open-heart surgery).

    So…what’s up, white academia? Where’s the accolades for them?

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